Robert Do’Qui

Robert Do'Qui Is Still Remembered

Actor Robert Do'Qui

I was watching “Robocop II” recently when fond memories of veteran actor Robert Do’Qui surfaced.  I was on assignment for Black Entertainment Television when this movie was being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Do’Qui gave me such a terrific interview that I included his statements in a five-part series I later wrote and produced for the network.  The series, titled “Black Agenda 2000,” picked up a CEBA award from the World Institute of Educators.  Back then, Mr. Do’Qui was concerned about the limited number of African Americans writing, directing and producing quality cinema.   The versatile actor later served on the board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild.  For ten years, Mr. Do’Qui assisted the Guild’s efforts to get more woman and minorties to participate more in the media.

Mr. Do’Qui departed his life on February 9, 2008.


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