Memo to: Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers back in the day

Joan Rivers back in the day

C’mon, Joan! We’ve all been beaten up by life from time to time. We get it.  But your recent verbal attacks against two charity fundraisers may have smeared your face instead.  The good thing is that your actions have certainly reminded me of a basic truth:  There’s no difference between age and maturity. 

When spoiled children don’t get their way, they resort to that ugly form of juvenile behavior because their brains have not yet matured; they also parrot the immaturity of adults. 

I have admired your talent for decades and still do.  I think you’re a remarkable human being.  I also understand and respect your dedication to your daughter.  I, too, am the mother of two grown sons who, by the way, fight their own battles.

Labelling someone a “Nazi” is not comedic.  Just because you may not like someone else’s choices in situations does not give you the right to launch an attack against their character.  Just remember, your targets also have feelings and people who love them, too.

I look forward to hearing your public apology and meeting you one day.


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