Natural Homewrecker

An F5 is the deadliest of all twisters

An F5 is the deadliest of all twisters

When Mother Nature wrecks your home, perhaps it’s time to start over.  That’s what the folks in Greensburg, Kansas, are doing after surviving a monster twister that reduced that town to pickup sticks two years back.  It’s called re-inventing yourself — akin to walking away from a ten-car pileup after falling asleep at the wheel.  Wakeup calls come in all types of forms. And for the folks in Greensburg, it was more than a doozie.

This 21st Century city is going green by utilizing solar and wind technologies to harness power and heat.  They’re also depending more on the abundance of natural light — something I’ve embraced for decades.  It may cost a little more to rebuild this way, but think about all the tens of thousands of dollars that will be saved each year.  It adds up, my friend.

So today, I salute this tiny town with such big solutions.  Consider yourselves lucky.  You survived an F5, the Mac Daddy of all twisters.  Going green after this disaster makes you a leader in the world community.  You’re also living up to your name: GREENSburg.  I hope you have many followers.


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