Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert became a chess piece in a game of media manipulation.

Adam Lambert became a chess piece in a game of media manipulation.

The Adam Lambert chess move on American Idol last night was a brilliant example of media manipulation.  That’s an aspect in public relations when the outlet manufactures an argument that favors its interests — the reason this singing sensation dropped into the bottom two.  In politics, it’s generally regarded as a propaganda technique.  It’s a type of distraction, assuming that the audience has a limited attention span.  Producers overlook the fact that we know that Lambert is the hands-down best performer the show has ever had.  The judges have said it themselves by comparing him to some of the greatest recording stars to ever blow into a mic.

Marginalization is a  subtle form of media manipulation, the category into which Adam fell.  It’s simply giving credence to mainstream sources, i.e., the voting public.  Journalists, like I, do it all the time.   Objections that come from other sources are considered “fringe” and later ignored.  You see how quickly we’ve forgotten Matt Giraud’s celebrated boot?

Our focus now is on what Adam will sing next and how many goose bumps he’ll shoot down our spines.  The next move by American Idol producers will be a checkmate for the May sweeps.

3 thoughts on “Adam Lambert

  1. I agree. I think there was definitely a shift in the voting with Lil and Anoop’s voters, but how do we know for certain that Adam WAS in the bottom two? Chris was sent to safety, but could have been used as a pon in this game. I definitely feel this is a CHECKMATE situation (not even a check) if we are playing a propaganda media tool of chess in this situation. Since when did “theatrical” not become a talented feature of a star’s performance anyway? Since when did calling a performance “Broadway like” an insult when many MAJOR stars are TRYING to get just one role in their career to play on a Broadway stage???? If we want to look at a performer with Adam’s stage presence to compare, let’s look at David Bowie as an example! I agree with you entirely and feel that not only is Adam one of the best contestants Idol has ever had, but I feel that he is going to blow the roof off of the Billboard charts like Daughtry did. I have been trying to think of a number of tunes that he might sing this week. ANYONE WORRIED ABOUT ADAM THIS WEEK……………………….HA HA HA……………This week is ROCK WEEK…………………….GO ADAM!

  2. Whatever the machinations, I thought it was downright rude. I would think trying to humiliate someone on public TV might fringe on “civil rights violation”. Ryan Seacrest only serves as a reminder to me of why I stopped watching A. I. for a few years. Guess he’s picking up where Simon leaves off. After this season I’m through with it again. Sure hope that coincides with Adam’s being named Idol.

    Further, it seems that Lambert has millions of supporters, some of whom were so convinced of his win that they didn’t bother to vote. Hope they have changed their minds about that.

    • You’ve shared some very interesting points. I look forward to seeing Adam rock the house tonight!

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