World’s Deadliest Illnesses



In spite of continued warnings to vaccinate or seek medical assistance within 48 hours of flu-like symptoms, the following illnesses remain the world’s deadliest.  Here they in descending order:  1.  PNEUMONIA  2. DIARRHEA     3. TUBERCULOSIS  4. MALARIA  5.  HEPATITIS B   6. AIDS  7.  MEASLES  8.  TETANUS  9. WHOOPING COUGH   10.  ROUNDWORM.

According to recent statistics, pneumonia kills an average of 60,000 persons annually.  More than 36,000 Americans die from problems stemming from the flu. 

The 1918 flu epidemic spread even to the Arctic and remote Pacific islands.  It is estimated that between 20 million and 100 million people died worldwide — doubling the number of those killed during World War I.  Up to a billion people were affected:  more than half of the world’s population at the time.


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