Miss California Should Quit

Carrie Upjean believes in "opposite marriage."I may get some heat after this, but this is what Carrie Prejean gets for daring to take a step into the political arena.  

This manufactured woman does not represent me as a Californian, nor as a female.  How dare she use her platform to promote her own archaic ideals and beliefs.  And how dare she, through rambling stupidity, alienate a vital target market that has long supported progress and commerce in a state she claims to represent.

If we as a society followed her narrow-minded way of thinking, African Americans would still be fighting for civil rights and modern-day women would still be pregnant and barefoot like an infestation of rats.  And I’ll tell you what made her a natural beauty: a bottle of peroxide, face paint, false eyelashes and company-funded breast implants, to name a few.  Perez Hilton, she’s all yours.

“Carrie Prejean, you’re fired!”   


8 thoughts on “Miss California Should Quit

  1. Shows what a liberalist you are. Maybe if we would start taking a stand like she did, this country might be a better place to live. And Yes I am totally against gay, lesbian people. I believe in god and the bible. Things this country was founded on.

  2. If you will remember, Miss California was asked a ridiculous question by (AKA) Perez Hilton which she answered honestly, intending no offense to anyone. She may be narrow minded but her ideals are not archaic. She simply stated what her opinion was, which large majority of the people in the USA agree with. She is ENTITLED to her opinion, as we all are. If this offends you, if is evident that you are on the wrong track. There is only ONE WAY…which is straight, and the gate is NARROW. Those who do not believe this have chosen their path, which leads to destruction.
    Hang in there, Carrie Prejean. We, the straight and narrow minded, are with you, all the way!

  3. I am getting the hang of it…mind if I blogroll you? I would love it if you was to visit. I will post some political stuff soon…right now I have an about me and a football…post..lol, Ed

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