Where Were You?

Nerves were rattled during 4.7 quake.

Nerves were rattled during 4.7 quake.

Whenever an earthquake strikes on the west coast, everyone asks the same questions in random order:  “Did you feel it?”  “Where were you?”  “You okay?”

As the world knows by now, a magnitude 4.7 earthquake agitated a large part of Southern California tonight at 8:39 PT.  My husband and I were in the privacy of our Mar Vista confines watching, ironically, a documentary about natural disasters.  The experience was quite surreal, like sitting in an amusement park simulator — except I did not pay admission and human engineers were not in control.  

Like all quakes, there’s that delayed reaction.  You stop, listen, then take cover.  It’s particularly scary for me because we reside in a complex stretched throughout four levels; the floor plan is inverted, meaning there are two levels above us, one below.  So what we feel for is whether it’s a “shake,” “rattle,” or “roll.”  An extended shaker would put us in trouble.

Since this quake originated a bit over 8 miles beneath the Earth’s surface, the jolt was less jerky and abrupt.  Our building shook, then rolled for about 15 seconds.  After surviving the deadly 6.7 quake of 1994, you just never know when the “big one” will hit.  So each shaker less than magnitude 6.7 is still a big enough reminder for us to be prepared.  Always prepared.


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