Chaz Bono: Free to Be

Activist Chastity Bono is transitioning from female to male and will be known as Chaz.

Activist Chastity Bono is transitioning from female to male and will be known as Chaz.

When my husband and I worked in Brisbane, Australia, I met a lovely lady who led me on an adventurous tour of the Outback.  She taught me many things — from Australia’s illustrious history to the indigenous peoples’ devotion to wildlife conservation.  She also shared with me her concerns for her 3-year-old son who wanted to be a girl.  In fact, this child told me emphatically that he wanted to wear dresses and become a ballerina one day.  His mother said her child had displayed overpowering effeminate characteristics from the day he began communicating.  His parents and teachers accepted his uniqueness and I was introduced to the youngest trans-gender I had ever encountered.

Over the years, I’ve met some beautiful men and women trapped between separate genders.  I can not even imagine being in their situation.  Some of them are currently in the process of gender re-assignment; others will likely spend the rest of their lives living in a physical body they don’t like.

It’s because of my clear and educated understanding of gender re-assignment that I recognize Chaz Bono today and the decision he has made in his pursuit of happiness.  Though Chaz just recently announced his plans to change from female to male, I will respectfully refer to Cher’s firstborn in the masculine pronoun of “he” because that is his preference and public request.  So congratulations, Chaz, for taking this big step at age 40. 

You are a luminary persona of fortitude in your quest to make right what nature was unable to do for you.  I’m certain your father would have been proud of you as is your mother.  I support you unconditionally.

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