Sexiest Composer Alive!

Levente Egry is a Hungarian composer and recording artist.

Levente Egry is a Hungarian composer and recording artist.

With extraordinary matinee-idol looks and demanding marquee presence, one would expect to find iconic composer Levente Egry on the cover of such leading publications as GQ, Esquire or Men’s Vogue magazines.
That’s common reaction often given to one of the more debonaire concert pianists to ever hail from Budapest, Hungary.  Some Hollywood filmmakers have even described Egry as possessing cinematic features and universal appeal. So why isn’t this dashing man of incredible distinction already wowing audiences at the box office?

Egry has been busy working on his next album which follows the phenomenal success of Sentimental Piano Concerto, performed with the Artofonic Chamber Orchestra, a company he founded. Critics have hailed his memorable compositions of Midnight Impromptu, Shanghai Serenade and Hungarian Ballad as “hauntingly beautiful” and “truly transcendent.”

Stated famed German operatic soprano Julia Varady Fishcher-Dieskau: “[Egry’s music] carries the tune to the tranquil, intimate moments of clarity, in which one looks at life as a celebration.”

Egry has an expanding list of admirers stretched over several continents and throughout varied musical styles. He has produced and composed songs for scores of popular albums and recording artists, including 2009 World Artist Award winner Anastacia. Prior to releasing his first solo album in 1999,  Egry produced for the multiple award-winning pop band Hip Hop Boyz of Hungary and opened for the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

What’s next for this breath-taking Hungarian prodigy? “I’m ready to come to America and perform at some of the more celebrated venues,” said Egry. 

Egry hopes to make his American debut on the West Coast in 2010.  And once he hits the United States by storm, this reporter predicts that the silver screen will not be that far behind, either scoring for a film or acting in a major motion picture.

My Beverly Hills-based company conducted an informal poll to determine who music lovers feel is the sexiest composer alive.  Egry assumed top position.   Other contenders included Prince (who currently holds the title of “Sexiest Vegetarian Alive”), Michael Jackson, Beethoven, A.R. Rahman and Andrew Lloyd Webber.  “I still have a crush on Beethoven,” said one participant.  To hear Egry’s sensational brilliance, visit


15 thoughts on “Sexiest Composer Alive!

  1. I have been one of the fortunate ones to receive the demo CD..what a wonderful surprise that was. the music is true to the description…it soothes the soul. a true hungarian musician can make his instrument cry..and the listener as well.
    my hungarian half feels his music.
    thank you!!!
    very much looking forward to a Los Angeles area concert !

    my email will change in 2 days..possibly just to the

  2. Egry is a musical phenom. I was lucky enough to hear his music on his website and was floored at his brilliance. He will become a major contributor to the world of music.

  3. Until now, I had not heard of Egry but after reading this, I went to his website to hear his music. If a concert does come to America, I would be interested in attending. Good music is a very welcome thing!

  4. I have became familiar with Egry Levente’s music in the last six months. He is a brilliant composer and musician. He is indeed a gifted man. Listening to his music heals your soul. I wish him every success !

  5. Great review. Thanks for introducing him to America…hopefully when he comes here me and my friends can check him out!

  6. Truly inspiring music I admit. But how comes the ‘sexiest’ composer? Is there a contest or something? Tbh I don’t even think he’s handsome…

  7. This is a great article. Extremely well-written! After reading, I went to Egry’s Web site to see why Sharon Raiford Bush and others are saying that this man is “The Sexiest Composer Alive.”

    Sexiness is also about persona. Egry is the whole package. And I agree that he is destined for major motion pictures. His music is captivating
    and takes me to a time in my life when I was most happy.

    When Egry tours America. My wife and I will be there with bells on. His music is designed to help couples re-invent their love life!

  8. I have became familiar with Egry Levente’s music in the last six months. He is a brilliant composer and musician. He is indeed a gifted man. Listening to his music heals your soul. I wish him every success !

  9. I enjoyed our phone conversation and I am very optimistic for your future. Your music is soothing and sensual, and it is a part of my music library.
    It won’t be a long wait- you bring a complete package to the industry. Good luck to you my friend.

    Best wishes,
    Charlet Faye

  10. Levente is a very versatile musician. I like the best when he sit down at the piano and begin to play. Beautiful melodies are born under his fingers. You can’t meet everyday such talented musicians, as he is. Sit back in your comfortable chair, relax, close your eyes and pull the music…

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