Actor Joins Fight for Wild Horse Freedom

LOS ANGELES, CA — “Politicians try to convince the American public that this is all about money,” explained actor/animal welfare activist Leo Grillo. “It’s really about large corporations that are connected to wealthy politicians. They get the leases from the Bureau of Land Management [BLM] and then sub-lease them to cattle ranchers for lots more money.”

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Grillo’s heated comments are in response to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s new federal plan to relocate thousands of desert mustangs to preserves in sharply opposing Eco factions. It has attracted the ire of horse protectors who call Salazar’s pricey proposal a “travesty of justice and humaneness.”

This is why Horse Rescue of America has now joined a growing number of other activists, corporations and celebrities in an allied effort to stop the roundup of these fanciful badges of the American West.

“The BLM runs the public land, which is a quarter of the land mass of the lower forty-eight states, said Grillo. “On that land are the wild horses and burros. It’s ironic that these properties are fenced off from the tax-paying public which actually owns it.”

Grillo contends it is this land upon which cattle is fed cheaply while the leases are lucrative. “Even friends of politicians get the leases and then sub-lease them for tons more money,” he said.

Grillo says relocating the mustangs to unfamiliar and harsh ecosystems would be disastrous. “There’s too much rain, fungi and diseases associated with wetter climates that desert horses are not going to be able to cope with,” explained Grillo. “If the eastern quadrant of the U.S. were a suitable environment, these horses would have migrated there on their own. They’re in the American West where they should be.”

Actor Leo Grillo is founder of Horse Rescue of America.

Grillo says for only 3% of beef cattle raised in this country, it is the wild horse that is being rounded up. Competing wildlife, like dear and elk, are being killed off by the federal government, he says, because they infringe on the cattle’s grazing areas.

“The mustang is being used as a scapegoat,” said Grillo. “It was the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that made this animal a manufactured problem. It keeps changing policy depending on who’s in office.”

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One thought on “Actor Joins Fight for Wild Horse Freedom

  1. Ellen
    December 10, 2009 at 9:30 PM | #40 Reply | Quote
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Boycott Beef
    Thursday, September 24, 2009
    Washington, DC USA— A recent decision by multinational advocates to boycott beef and for those who want to protect beef one day a week on Fridays.
    Horses~ They are worth our efforts in Protest!!
    Titled : ” NO MORE BULL ~ BOYCOTT BEEF ”
    Where is the horse sense to lose the world family of wild horses?
    I know there are alot of Animal and Horse crazy people !! Get out your checks and toss out the bull.
    The Nature World will experience an extreme lose of these fourleggeds!!
    We advocate need peaceful projects ~ which encourage the respect of Wild Horses.
    Do not lose Hope, Freedom and Our National Treasure for future generations.
    Please join us in peaceful protest to bring meaning to there lives!!
    Every Friday be beef, free. I’m going to be beef free until the horses come home. I don’t care if it takes years.
    Join the BOYCOTT of Beef & The Gathering of Wild Horses.
    I’m going to go into a go on a fast of NO BEEF until the horses are returned to their home!!
    Join me in protest or only protest once a week~ today please join me in this peaceful protest of “No More Bull!!”
    So far I have not any beef/BULL since they started the gathers.
    Think of a way to make a statement to the world like Wild Horse Annie made a statement to children to save the horses.
    This also creates media for our advocate work. Hit the Goverment where it counts in the pocketbook.
    We cannot take anymore BULL.
    Write one media person a day.
    Write one senator or representative and President daily.
    Write or e-mail Entertainers and ask then to donate parcel profits song to and The Cloud Foundation.
    Have entertainers send a documenting the beauty and wonder of freedom and our National Treasure.
    Artist like nothing else discribes Wild Horse like pictures and music.
    Protest BEEF or do it one day a week.
    Pray and believe Our Dream Will Come True.
    I hope they are not removing (Cloud of The Cloud Foundation ) for The mining uranium, cattle or other minerals. I could live with less of all of technology if we keep the wild horses. What will they not hear what we as peaceful and law abiding citizens want. We have to make then listen peaceful boycott.
    A message Martin Luther King and Gandi learned, protest in peace to make them talk. Let the beef price go down for the BLM and they will listen.
    They cater to special interest groups and don’t disclosed information to everyone, especially when they believe it does not matter.
    Support Cattle gazing moving east so the Wild Horses who have been relocated remain in their home.
    Ca$h Cow
    Go to the Cloud Foundation,
    Save our nature beauty from greed.

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