Gothic author Anne Rice critical of Mitt Romney’s running mate


Photo: Anne Rice, courtesy of News Archives International, via Wikimedia Commons

Although prolific book author Anne Rice is known the world over as a potent literary force that modernized classic vampires by having the somatic characterizations of her creatures improve with age, the fiction writer looks at real life a whole lot differently — particularly when it comes to the greying of America.

On August 12, Rice, age 70, displayed her proverbial fangs when she took to social media, blasting GOP vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan for an inflammatory reply he made last fall to retired plumber Tom Nielsen, a then-71-year-old who immigrated to the United States from Denmark.

“Paul Ryan. How can this man possibly be an asset to the [Mitt] Romney ticket?” Rice posted on her Facebook page, a popular site that boasts readership in the hundreds of thousands.

The author of “The Vampire Chronicles” then encouraged her followers to view a published transcript and video made public by Addicting Info that documents Ryan’s politically-incorrect and socially-unacceptable reaction to the elderly man’s harmless objection.

To read the entire news article and see the video that caused Rice to see red, follow this link.


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