Actor Grand L. Bush’s Medical Odyssey

“There is not a single entertainer around that has reached success by staying on the same career path,” actor-turned-diagnostic medical sonographer Grand L. Bush said today. “In fact, research shows that the average American between ages eighteen and forty-six will explore as many as fifteen different occupations before landing the perfect gig.

“Along the way, I’ve held jobs that tested me physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and ethically. That was good, because each experience made the next one better.”

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On this date in cinematic history, “Colors” is actualized


On this date in 1987, the late Dennis Hopper hand-picked Shakespearean-trained actor Grand L. Bush to play one of the leads in “Colors,” a 1988 American film classic.

Hopper was so impressed by Bush’s noteworthy characterization of “Larry Sylvester, aka Looney Tunes,” he sketched Grand’s image and displayed it on one of the walls at his Venice, CA, home.

Hopper and Bush remained dear friends until Dennis’ passing in 2010.

The shootout scene between Grand’s and Don Cheadle’s characters remains one of the best depictions of urban warfare to this day, according to major film critics.