LA’s Call Center Managers Ring In Robust Salaries

Mark Osborne 2
Photo Courtesy: Mark Osborne, via CBS Los Angeles

As leading organizations continue to maintain and expand their share of the nation’s competitive marketplace, the number of available positions in sales and promotions remains on the rise. One of the more lucrative roles to secure in Los Angeles is that of a call center manager, a demanding profession that boasts a yearly salary ranging from $61,000 to the six figures, according to current employment trends.

“This type of position offers an opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and a variety of personality types within a fast-paced environment that sharpens a manager’s skill set more than any other management position I can think of,” said Mark Osborne, managing director at LaunchPad Communications, an L.A.-based company that started in 1995.

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Public Relations Vacancies In Los Angeles Projected To Balloon


(Pictured: Denis Wolcott, president, The Wolcott Company)

If the Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ occupational outlook is on the money, employment for those specializing in the field of public relations is forecast to balloon by the year 2020, with a greater acceleration than the norm for all occupations.

An expected 21 percent labor spike for public relations managers is being spurred by a growing need for organizations to beef up their public image as they utilize the advantages of high-information social media and other manipulative platforms.

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