Raul Julia-Levy: ‘Love cannot be divided’

LOS ANGELES, CA — “I was raised around several families and I was a quiet little boy and the least popular kid at school most of my childhood,” revealed actor/producer/animal welfare activist Raul Julia-Levy in an exclusive interview with Exceptional People Magazine.

Patti was just 24 hours away from euthanasia before Julia-Levy rescued her. Copyrighted photo by Michael Doven.

“I had dogs, cats, horses and even a little pony. I loved them all the same. My grandfather told me that love cannot be divided between them and that animals have very sensitive feelings.

“Therefore, you must love them all the same way.”

Julia-Levy is currently preparing to film “Havana Heat,” opposite Hollywood icon Wesley Snipes.

Next Spring, he and Snipes will begin production on “Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel,” an effects-driven 3D major motion picture based on Julia-Levy’s yet-to-be-released novel by the same name.

Julia-Levy has vowed to donate his salary and partial box-office receipts from “Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel” to help the indigenous peoples of Mexico and benefit select animal causes.

The film is slated for worldwide release in December, 2012.

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Raul Julia-Levy: Wesley Snipes is ‘innocent’

Raul Julia-Levy stands by actor Wesley Snipes

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — “Wesley should continue entertaining the world with his memorable performances while making a benevolent difference within social groups of all sizes.”

Julia-Levy’s comments come just two days after a federal appeals panel upheld on July 16 a three-year prison sentence on federal tax charges for Wesley Snipes, an actor best known for his starring role in “Blade,” an action-adventure trilogy.

In 1999, Snipes won a Blockbuster Entertainment award in the category of “Best Actor.” The film, “Blade,” garnered an ASCAP award in the field of “Top Box Office Films.” In the popular comic-book adaptation, Snipes plays an immortal with the soul of a human and a heart of a hero.

In real life, Snipes is also a film producer, martial artist and a dedicated family man.

In 2003, he married world-renowned painter Nakyung (“Nikki”) Park, mother of his four youngest children who are all under the age of 10.

“These children need their father,” said Julia-Levy. “America needs him.”

On September 11, 2001, Snipes’ apartment was destroyed by the collapse of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers; he was on the west coast at the time.

The following year, Snipes supported the fund-raising efforts of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He has proven through his actions that he is committed wholly to improving the lives of all Americans, said Julia-Levy.

Over the past seven years, Snipes has completed a dozen film projects which have brought jobs and needed revenue to such appreciative cities as Providence, RI, Brooklyn, NY, and Detroit, Michigan, a once bustling metropolis that was knocked to its knees by the recession and its sluggish recovery.

Of late, Snipes joined a hands-on allegiance with Flaunt My Pet, an animal welfare awareness campaign helmed by Julia-Levy that raises the general public’s level of consciousness to the plight of pet abandonment, a costly national crisis that has ballooned out of control since the recession dropped anchor in 2007.

In addition to Snipes, Julia-Levy has garnered a blossoming roster of unwavering support from some of the entertainment world’s greatest luminaries, including Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford and Elton John.

“Wesley should be afforded an opportunity in America to continue to advocate and support the growing number of troubled pets which face euthanasia each year because their previous owners can no longer afford to care for them.

“This recession has created a ripple effect that Wesley and my team are trying with all our might to alleviate,” said Julia-Levy. “People fail to realize that our country is in a crisis situation financially. Wesley is helping to make a positive difference.

“He’s a real-life hero.”

Other humanitarians backing Snipes include actors Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson, as well as television judges Joe Brown and Greg Mathis, who have all submitted letters on Snipes’ behalf to the judge who sentenced him in April 2008.

“Wesley is a good man, a great human, and an exceptional humanitarian,” said Julia-Levy. “He is one hundred percent innocent.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Julia-Levy provided journalist Sharon Raiford Bush with these exclusive comments. Raiford Bush is the west coast bureau chief of Exceptional People Magazine.