Actor Grand L. Bush’s Medical Odyssey

“There is not a single entertainer around that has reached success by staying on the same career path,” actor-turned-diagnostic medical sonographer Grand L. Bush said today. “In fact, research shows that the average American between ages eighteen and forty-six will explore as many as fifteen different occupations before landing the perfect gig.

“Along the way, I’ve held jobs that tested me physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and ethically. That was good, because each experience made the next one better.”

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Actor Grand L. Bush was born on December 24, 1955. (Photo Courtesy: News Archives International)

Grand L. Bush is a veteran actor with more than 100 stage, television and major motion picture projects to his credit. He retired from acting in 2003 to return to medical school. He is currently an elite member of The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Bush specializes in vascular and abdominal technology in Los Angeles, CA.  

Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite” opens in Santa Monica; actor Howard Lockie delivers


Karol Garrison, Howard Lockie and Andrea Stradling, as they appear in Neil Simon’s “Plaza Suite,” a classic comedy that opened at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica on January 19, 2013. Photo by Joel Castro.

An enthusiastic audience of baby boomers and younger supporters of the arts got a chance to turn back the hands of time by 45 years on January 19 when Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite opened at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre.

Set for a run that wraps up on February 10, the cast includes U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Officer-turned-actor Karol Garrison; theatrical and film actress Alicia Craff; prolific stage actress Andrea Stradling; and television and stage actor Howard Lockie, whose catchpenny performance carries the play.

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Location: Morgan-Wixxon Theatre

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The comedy, which originally opened on Broadway in 1968, is comprised of three acts, featuring different storylines and characters. The connecting rod among the trio of playlets is the setting – Suite 719 of New York City’s Plaza Hotel.

Holding down triple duty, Stradling and Lockie portray the main characters in each of the acts.

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