Hollywood actor Grand L. Bush and the shooting victim he rescued 21 years ago

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Actor Raul Julia-Levy bares his soul for Exceptional People Magazine

LOS ANGELES, CA — He has been waiting for nearly two decades to set the record straight and confront some of his most intimate and profound secrets. Ever since he relocated to the United States from his home country of Mexico, news reporters from across this massive globe have hounded the celebrated figure who carries two legendary last names hyphenated as one.

But it was a former American freedom fighter-turned-veteran journalist to whom actor/producer Raul Julia-Levy would become comfortable enough to share his magnanimous legacy, breakdown the complexity of his mystique and explore his all-encompassing passion and dreams — an onion-layered trifecta which has made him a magnet for heads of state, potentates and Hollywood celebrities alike.

In an exclusive cover story for the September/October issue of Exceptional People Magazine, Julia-Levy explicates in graphic detail that life-altering day when his mother revealed to the 17-year-old his true parentage.

Up until that Spring day, Julia-Levy had been reared by his beloved grandfather — the late Abraham Levy, patriarch of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in all of Latin America.

It was during the dawn of Julia-Levy’s manhood when he learned for the first time that his biological father was a prominent star of Broadway, television and major motion pictures.  Up until then, he was led to believe his father was someone else.

In the article, Julia-Levy opens up about meeting his father, late actor Raúl Juliá — best remembered for his performances on stage in “Two Gentleman of Verona,” and on the silver screen in “Kiss of the Spider Woman,” and “The Addams Family.”  It was a planned meeting that would forever change the trajectory of Julia-Levy’s being and place into focus his purpose in life.

As a man, Julia-Levy is a fine representation of the two strong men who helped mold his character. His maternal grandfather taught him how to love and respect the world around him. His biological father showed him how to live.

Julia-Levy has grown to become an accomplished animal welfare advocate, actor and film producer.  He is set to star in “Havana Heat,” opposite Wesley Snipes and Joey Lawrence.

Also look for Julia-Levy to star in “Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel,” a screen adaptation of a book he authored by the same name.  The 3-D film is slated for a December, 2012, release.

The multi-talented humanitarian has vowed to donate his salary and a percentage of box office receipts to aid the indigenous peoples of Mexico and other benevolent causes.

To read Julia-Levy’s entire story, go here.

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