LA’s Call Center Managers Ring In Robust Salaries

Mark Osborne 2
Photo Courtesy: Mark Osborne, via CBS Los Angeles

As leading organizations continue to maintain and expand their share of the nation’s competitive marketplace, the number of available positions in sales and promotions remains on the rise. One of the more lucrative roles to secure in Los Angeles is that of a call center manager, a demanding profession that boasts a yearly salary ranging from $61,000 to the six figures, according to current employment trends.

“This type of position offers an opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and a variety of personality types within a fast-paced environment that sharpens a manager’s skill set more than any other management position I can think of,” said Mark Osborne, managing director at LaunchPad Communications, an L.A.-based company that started in 1995.

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The Field Of Dreams For Freelance Filmmakers Is Fertile In LA


(Photo Courtesy: Aditya Nair)

As the number of independent film productions continues to rise in the coming years, so will employment levels for self-employed producers and directors.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16 percent increase in job opportunities will stem from media companies that are experimenting currently with post-modern methods to deliver entertainment content to the public.

The most common modes of procedure include mobile and online television capabilities.

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LA’s Criminal Justice System Wins In Matter Of Job Opportunities


Photo Courtesy: Joel C. Koury, Trial Attorney

Even though the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment opportunities for lawyers to grow by only 10 percent by the year 2020, occupational prospects are more resourceful in California. The state currently employs the second largest number of law practitioners in the nation, behind New York.

As more law school graduates enter the profession, analysts expect competition for enviable positions to become more vigorous. The top industries seeking qualified candidates to handle criminal or civil litigation and other proceedings include health care, legal services and all levels of government.

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A Senior Business Management Career In LA Requires Strong Credentials



(Pictured: Robert Puro, co-founder and managing partner at Seedstock, LLC)

To prosper in the complex world of competitive enterprise, industrious companies must rely on the right type of expert that has intelligent reasoning to help the organization grow. The role of a senior business manager is particularly fundamental in the greater Los Angeles area, home to more than 244,000 businesses.

Assuming the role of a business manager is a tall order, considering employment in this field is expected to grow by only five percent between now and the year 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means applicants will continue to face strong rivalry in coming years.

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Human Resources Remains An Ideal Occupation To Explore In LA



(Pictured: Sal Sangi, UCLA Extension Instructor)

The role of a human resources specialist involves recruiting, interviewing, placing and training workers. They also handle payroll, benefits and internal conflict. Human resources professionals are positioned in nearly every industry, with employment figures expected to soar by as much as 21 percent from 2010 to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I believe most progressive companies realize that the human factor is the best way to secure a sustainable competitive edge versus just technology which can be short-lived and more easily commoditized,” said Sal Sangi, a human resources consultant who teaches at UCLA Extension. 

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Educator Sees I.T. As The Next Leading Job Sector In Los Angeles


(Pictured: Dr. Gustavo Vejarano)

By the year 2020, job prospects for today’s undergraduates studying to become software developers will see a 30 pecent opportunity spike due to the influx of tech-savvy companies seeking to advance their wireless applications, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This means the bank accounts owned by some of those brainy inventors and problem-solvers could fatten to a transcendent degree as more growth companies relocate to Silicon Beach. Software engineers working in Los Angeles are already bringing home six-figure paychecks, with an average yearly income of more than $80,000, reports

And as society continues to entrust artificial intelligence, the roles software developers will play in the lives of others could reach the outer limits of advantageous circumstances.

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I.T. Professionals Remain Vital To Los Angeles’ Expanding Tech Scene


(Pictured: Genine Wilson, Kelly Services, Inc.)

Infused by the inventive vigor of Google Los Angeles,YouTube Space LA and a cadre of growth industries, Silicon Beach is quickly developing into a certifiably significant mecca of 21st century technological advancement.

While the Los Angeles Mayor’s Council on Innovation and Industry continues to discover ways to further expand the area’s inexhaustible environment of evolutionary creativity from beachfront communities to the Arts District and beyond, fruitful opportunities for temporary, on-demand tech wizards have accelerated. And once your foot is in the door with a temporary position, a full-time job may follow.

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