Former ‘James Bond’ Actor Signed By Leading High-Tech Imaging Firm

Actor-turned-sonographer Grand L. Bush in active surgery with Dr. Marius Saines

Actor-turned-sonographer Grand L. Bush in active surgery with Dr. Marius Saines

(Pictured: Former Hollywood actor-turned-vascular/abdominal sonographer Grand L. Bush assists renowned vascular surgeon Dr. Marius Saines during a laser venous ablation at an out-patient medical facility in Marina Del Rey, CA)

Los Angeles, CA — Representatives for Grand L. Bush announced today that the former Hollywood actor has signed with Echo Tech Imaging Center, a Southern California-based company. Bush joins a decorated team of highly-skilled diagnostic medical sonographers, hand-picked to provide hospitals, out-patient medical centers, doctors’ offices and community clinics with state-of-the-art ultrasound services.

Bush recently accepted a contract with Echo Tech Imaging Center, after receiving notable certifications from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers and demonstrating his skills in person.

Bush’s foray into the medical industry developed after he appeared in more than 100 stage, television and film productions. He is best known for the memorable roles he played in such big box-office draws as “Licence To Kill,” “Die Hard,” “Colors” and “Lethal Weapon.” By putting his acting career on hiatus, the scholar was able to graduate from medical school in 2010.

After his externship, Bush said he became an ardent proponent of volunteerism.

“When I volunteered at Keck Medical Center of USC in the radiology department, I had little notion it would lead to a practicum in the vascular unit,” Bush said. “There is also a joy in participating in health fairs in various communities. In volunteering my skills for the Buena Park Health Care Fair, I was able to help provide free cerebrovascular screenings to an important age demographic.”

Bush currently holds disciplines in vascular and abdominal ultrasound sonography. When he is not assisting other medical professionals, the practitioner is training aspiring sonographers, and administering ultrasonic exams on patients, from infants to seniors, at a radiology center in downtown Los Angeles.


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Actor Grand L. Bush was born on December 24, 1955. (Photo Courtesy: News Archives International)

Grand L. Bush is a veteran actor with more than 100 stage, television and major motion picture projects to his credit. He retired from acting in 2003 to return to medical school. He is currently an elite member of The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Bush specializes in vascular and abdominal technology in Los Angeles, CA.  

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11-year-old classic music performer catches actor Robert Davi’s eye

LOS ANGELES, CA — Like many preteens, an 11-year-old performer with twinkling stars in his radiating eyes has golden dreams of becoming famous in Hollywood.

For Matthew Parry-Jones, those visions of grandeur started taking distinguishable shape when the actor, model and singer was a babe in arms, drawn to the music styles of such legendary figures as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the entertainment world in general.

During his first year of life, one of the Philippines’ favorite sons was already earning an income for his family after landing a starring role in a Huggies television commercial.

Since then, young Parry-Jones — who was reared in Great Britain — has been featured in other TV advertisements and in a growing number of major motion pictures, including “Contagion,” a thriller released in 2011, starring Oscar-winner Matt Damon.

The academically-gifted preteen, who speaks with a refreshing British-American accent, has also gained some acting experience on stage at the Bay Area Shakespeare Camp in San Francisco.

Now the boy, who could become a future stalwart of the music industry, wants to share a stage with his idol, famous actor and recording artist Robert Davi, whose debut album, “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance,” was released in October, 2011, to critical acclaim.

Parry-Jones’ rise to stardom appears to parallel that of Davi’s, whose dizzying list of credits contains all the triple-threat elements of a successful performing artist.

Davi, best known for his roles in such films as “Die Hard,” “Licence to Kill,” and “The Goonies,” is a classically-trained singer who is currently juggling his continued film career alongside headlining musical engagements in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where the movie star pays homage to his mentor, the late Frank Sinatra, while promoting his album and The Great American Songbook.

In an effort to attract Davi’s attention, Parry-Jones recently located a Lutheran church in Long Beach that was willing to donate its space and technical services so that the preteen could perform his vintage-inspired, hip-swiveling version of “Summer Wind,” a song Sinatra recorded in 1968.

In the YouTube video, Parry-Jones — donning a blend of British and Western attire — swaggers with confidence, incorporating a few signature dance power moves against the backdrop of an empty pulpit. In watching the boy’s conscientious effort, it’s easy to envision him demonstrating the same routine before a large, appreciative audience.

Parry-Jones – who has performed classic songs live on stage at a number of venues in California, the Philippines and the UK – donates a portion of the proceeds from his paying gigs to help impoverished children in his home country of the Philippines through a foundation he started a few years back.

One can only imagine the opportunities that will be afforded to Parry-Jones as he becomes increasingly recognized by Hollywood heavyweights.

So far, the determined performer has been successful at clutching Davi’s attention.

In response to Parry-Jones’ quest to one day share the spotlight with the Hollywood legend, Davi sent his young admirer this verified and personal Facebook message on March 28:

“Fantastic —That will happen Matthew –God Bless — Work Hard and Follow your Dreams !!!!!!”

To learn more about Parry-Jones, follow this link.