Exclusive Photo: Actors Lorenzo Lamas and Grand L. Bush

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“Doctor!” Doctor!” now on duty at Stages of Gray Theatre


(Pictured: Actor/singer/dancer JD Driskill)

Whenever a play opens in any theatre that features an ensemble cast, there is at least one performer who stands out among the rest.

According to the audience’s thunderous response to multi-talented stage actor JD Driskill‘s predominate deftness as a singer and dancer, this young thespian may be on the road to greatness.

Driskill is one of 18 rotating cast members kicking up their heels in “Doctor! Doctor!,” an interactive musical review that premiered February 1 at the Stages of Gray Theatre, a new and intimate venue in Pasadena that affords emerging performing artists an opportunity to practice their craft while showcasing their talent before a live audience.

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L.A.’s Best Breakout Music Acts of 2012

ImageIn addition to being one of the world’s more fundamental contributors to the teeming film industry, L.A. serves as a benchmark for artistic singers, songwriters, musicians and producers who aspire to break into the professionally combative realm of the recorded music business.

Throughout the 20th century, Tinseltown has been a breeding ground for such impressionable bands as The Byrds, The Doors, the Beach Boys, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Los Angeles is also responsible for launching the seminal G-funk careers of N.W.A., Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, among others. Twelve years into the new millennium, an exhilarating breed of performing artists has moved to the front of the class, further cementing the city’s preponderance as a mothership for fresh development of pop, hip-hop, rap, jazz, R&B, classic music and an ambrosial fusion of those styles that have continued to influence today’s society.

On December 27, 2012, music artists Josh Vietti, Robert Davi,  Nick Waterhouse, Black Hippy and Best Coast were declared L.A.’s best breakout music acts of 2012.

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Gothic author Anne Rice critical of Mitt Romney’s running mate


Photo: Anne Rice, courtesy of News Archives International, via Wikimedia Commons

Although prolific book author Anne Rice is known the world over as a potent literary force that modernized classic vampires by having the somatic characterizations of her creatures improve with age, the fiction writer looks at real life a whole lot differently — particularly when it comes to the greying of America.

On August 12, Rice, age 70, displayed her proverbial fangs when she took to social media, blasting GOP vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan for an inflammatory reply he made last fall to retired plumber Tom Nielsen, a then-71-year-old who immigrated to the United States from Denmark.

“Paul Ryan. How can this man possibly be an asset to the [Mitt] Romney ticket?” Rice posted on her Facebook page, a popular site that boasts readership in the hundreds of thousands.

The author of “The Vampire Chronicles” then encouraged her followers to view a published transcript and video made public by Addicting Info that documents Ryan’s politically-incorrect and socially-unacceptable reaction to the elderly man’s harmless objection.

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11-year-old classic music performer catches actor Robert Davi’s eye

LOS ANGELES, CA — Like many preteens, an 11-year-old performer with twinkling stars in his radiating eyes has golden dreams of becoming famous in Hollywood.

For Matthew Parry-Jones, those visions of grandeur started taking distinguishable shape when the actor, model and singer was a babe in arms, drawn to the music styles of such legendary figures as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the entertainment world in general.

During his first year of life, one of the Philippines’ favorite sons was already earning an income for his family after landing a starring role in a Huggies television commercial.

Since then, young Parry-Jones — who was reared in Great Britain — has been featured in other TV advertisements and in a growing number of major motion pictures, including “Contagion,” a thriller released in 2011, starring Oscar-winner Matt Damon.

The academically-gifted preteen, who speaks with a refreshing British-American accent, has also gained some acting experience on stage at the Bay Area Shakespeare Camp in San Francisco.

Now the boy, who could become a future stalwart of the music industry, wants to share a stage with his idol, famous actor and recording artist Robert Davi, whose debut album, “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance,” was released in October, 2011, to critical acclaim.

Parry-Jones’ rise to stardom appears to parallel that of Davi’s, whose dizzying list of credits contains all the triple-threat elements of a successful performing artist.

Davi, best known for his roles in such films as “Die Hard,” “Licence to Kill,” and “The Goonies,” is a classically-trained singer who is currently juggling his continued film career alongside headlining musical engagements in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where the movie star pays homage to his mentor, the late Frank Sinatra, while promoting his album and The Great American Songbook.

In an effort to attract Davi’s attention, Parry-Jones recently located a Lutheran church in Long Beach that was willing to donate its space and technical services so that the preteen could perform his vintage-inspired, hip-swiveling version of “Summer Wind,” a song Sinatra recorded in 1968.

In the YouTube video, Parry-Jones — donning a blend of British and Western attire — swaggers with confidence, incorporating a few signature dance power moves against the backdrop of an empty pulpit. In watching the boy’s conscientious effort, it’s easy to envision him demonstrating the same routine before a large, appreciative audience.

Parry-Jones – who has performed classic songs live on stage at a number of venues in California, the Philippines and the UK – donates a portion of the proceeds from his paying gigs to help impoverished children in his home country of the Philippines through a foundation he started a few years back.

One can only imagine the opportunities that will be afforded to Parry-Jones as he becomes increasingly recognized by Hollywood heavyweights.

So far, the determined performer has been successful at clutching Davi’s attention.

In response to Parry-Jones’ quest to one day share the spotlight with the Hollywood legend, Davi sent his young admirer this verified and personal Facebook message on March 28:

“Fantastic —That will happen Matthew –God Bless — Work Hard and Follow your Dreams !!!!!!”

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Robert Davi’s sexy ‘Day In, Day Out’ fans flames on “Criminal Minds” Feb 8

  • Davi’s hot, modern-day version of ‘Day In, Day Out’ will be featured on the February 8 episode of CBS’ “Criminal Minds”
  • Davi will perform ‘Day In, Day Out’ and other classic songs from his critically-acclaimed album during a live, three-night engagement at The Venetian Las Vegas February 23, 24, 25

LOS ANGELES, CA — In what promises to serve as a further boost to the expanding popularity of actor Robert Davi‘s sensual rendition of a famous classic tune, the producers of “Criminal Minds” have chosen to feature ‘Day In, Day Out‘ during the opening sequences of the CBS crime drama on February 8.

The passionate song, first published in 1939, is one of a dozen selections on Davi’s critically-acclaimed debut album, titled “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance.” Backed by a full, electrifying orchestra and recorded at Capitol Records in Hollywood, Davi was able to stay true to the song’s original intentions by delivering to perfection the thrilling allure of eroticism.

“Criminal Minds,” starring Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Joe Mantegna, follows the lives of an FBI behavioral analysis unit as it sets out to solve violent crimes by delving into the psychological aspects of both the victim and the unknown perpetrator. It is a demanding job that affects, in varied degrees, the investigators’ intimate lives.

Davi is no stranger to “Criminal Minds,” which continues to attract arousing numbers for its network. In 2010, the award-winning actor/writer/director was invited to guest-star on the highly-rated primetime show, portraying a detective in two episodes.

By 2011, Davi – one of the more recognizable entertainers in the world – decided to broaden his burgeoning career in the entertainment industry by returning with gusto to his first love – singing.

Although Davi has seduced live audiences with the magic of his music in prominent venues and on news and entertainment shows nationwide, this marks the first time the opera-trained thespian will lend his striking talent as a noted recording artist to “Criminal Minds,” which has entered its seventh season.

The development and uptick of such true-to-life TV procedural programs have led credence to Davi’s provocative contributions to television and syndicated programming.

Davi’s combustible starring role as Bailey Malone in the “Profiler” television series smoothed the pathway for such hits as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Without a Trace,” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.”

On the February 8 episode (‘Snake Eyes’) of “Criminal Minds,” members of the special FBI unit test their luck at an Atlantic City casino. After a row with her boyfriend, Garcia – played by Kirsten Vangsness – thinks she may have gotten a bit too cozy with Shemar Moore’s character.

While Davi’s seductive music sets the tone for a steamy installment of “Criminal Minds,” concert-goers and casino enthusiasts in real life are now honing in on The Venetian Las Vegas, where Davi will headline a heart-pounding three-night engagement February 23, 24 and 25. For ticket information, follow this link.


Hungarian music composer honored by American magazine

LOS ANGELES, CA — He is recognized by both his fans and peers as being one of the sexiest music composers alive. It’s difficult to dispute such a claim after laying eyes on Levente Egry, a prodigy from Budapest, Hungary, who once opened for the late Michael Jackson.

Levente Egry is a musical prodigy from Budapest, Hungary

But behind his quiet demeanor and incredible talent, there is a story about a musical phenom who depends on the composition of sentimental music to help couples bring passion back into their lives while he copes with his own private demons.

In a raw and revealing interview, Egry speaks candidly to Washington, DC, journalist Monica Davis in a 7-page article, revealing for the first time his deepest and darkest secrets while growing up behind the Iron Curtain.

“After learning about Levente Egry, I just had to share his amazing story with the world and what he’s doing to make a difference in the lives of so many strangers,” said Davis, publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.

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