More Advanced Degrees Needed For Health Workers In Los Angeles


(Pictured: Registered Nurse Camille Diaz)

The new millennium is creating state-of-the-art horizons for premier medical centers in Los Angeles.

Patients are able to convalesce in tropical-themed healing environments, order bedside meals by tapping a computer screen and converse with their physicians through electronic correspondence and live streaming.

Surgeons now confer among each other on their smart phones and iPads to diagnose a hospital guest’s medical problems more proficiently.

Due to changing times, the roles providers play in the health theatre are reforming at a steady pace. In effect, a growing number of metropolis hospitals are actively modifying employment regulations to require some specialists to possess advanced education, credentials, disciplines and experience before they are even hired.

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Seasoned Nurse Offers Advice For Recent Graduates In Los Angeles



(Pictured: Lori White-Bruce)

So you’ve just flipped the tassel on your cap to the left, marking an end to those long hours of conscientious study, instruction and testing to become a registered nurse (RN).

If you think all that hard, tedious work is in your rearview mirror, welcome to Reality Check 101.

Although the medical profession has seen considerable growth on the job front in recent years, nurses fresh out of college are seeing something else on some regional job postings: not accepting new grads. 

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