Lorenzo Lamas’ Famous Friends Gather In Celebration

Sharonn&Friends Replacement
[Pictured: Veteran journalist Sharon Raiford Bush; TV and radio personality Kato Kaelin; actress and helicopter pilot Claudia Jakab; TV actor and helicopter pilot Lorenzo Lamas; KCAL 9 news anchor Leyna Nguyen >> iPhone image by Grand L. Bush; Digital refinement by Eyecon Graphfix/Paul Doris]

Hollywood TV legend Lorenzo Lamas has quite a few famous friends and associates. Many of them showed their support when the former “Falcon Crest” and “The Bold and The Beautiful” soap opera star threw a well-attended party to launch his latest business venture at Elite Helicopter Tours in Van Nuys, Calif.

So the next time you get that itch to see what Tinseltown looks like from the sky with a hunky helicopter pilot at the controls, your fantasy will become a reality with a simple reservation. That is, if you don’t mind being in close quarters with the dashing son of Argentine actor Fernando Lamas and Norwegian-American actress Arlene Dahl

Lamas, who’s also known for landing the lead role in the 1990s crime drama “Renegade,” introduced his high-flying business during a June 13 red-carpet event that was attended by a number of celebrities, television news anchors, journalists, photographers and fellow actors and pilots. Entertainment for the catered soiree was provided by a rocking tribute band.

The celebration took place in an airy hangar at Van Nuys Airport.

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Miss California Should Quit

Carrie Upjean believes in "opposite marriage."I may get some heat after this, but this is what Carrie Prejean gets for daring to take a step into the political arena.  

This manufactured woman does not represent me as a Californian, nor as a female.  How dare she use her platform to promote her own archaic ideals and beliefs.  And how dare she, through rambling stupidity, alienate a vital target market that has long supported progress and commerce in a state she claims to represent.

If we as a society followed her narrow-minded way of thinking, African Americans would still be fighting for civil rights and modern-day women would still be pregnant and barefoot like an infestation of rats.  And I’ll tell you what made her a natural beauty: a bottle of peroxide, face paint, false eyelashes and company-funded breast implants, to name a few.  Perez Hilton, she’s all yours.

“Carrie Prejean, you’re fired!”